Cakes for a Stag Do or Hen Night

Stag Dos and Hen Nights are often associated with drinking, crudeness and general debauchery. Perhaps you're thinking "what could I do differently for my stag do?" and concluding that a cup of tea and a piece of cake in a genteel tea-room would be just the thing *.

Well, here's an idea for the cake which may cause a bit of teacup and saucer rattling by the blue-rinse brigade.

You don't get many of them to the pound! I mean, where would you start asking for a piece of this?
"Could I just have a nibble of ... no, perhaps not, how about a cup of ..."

The Hen Party cake leaves absolutely NOTHING to the imagination.

Stag Parties are called Bucks Parties by the Australians. Do you think such cakes could catch on here?
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* If you're 86 🙂

First published 10/07/2012

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